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Welcome to 3 Nutmegs

Nothing brings people together like good food

We inspired by the elegance of Ethnic Dining Experience with a hand-crafted menu of timeless dishes, the intimate eatery serves as a community hub for engaging conversation. Classic spice and flavour combinations with contemporary and local New Zealand ingredients

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Our mission

Providing genuine and authentic Indian cuisine with prompt and courteous service.
3 Nutmegs is a perfect place to enjoy the very BEST of Indian Cuisine in a comfortable, intimate, and relaxed family atmosphere with a great variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food

Portrait photo of Vishal the owner

Hi, I am Vishal!
I was born and raised in a family that had great (and still has great!) passion and appreciation for cooking and food. We believe that food brings people together. But aside from this, almost everyone in our community at that time was brought up with a firm belief that cooking should be at the centre of family life. Food is meant to bring people together, and it's meant to be enjoyed with company. Family bonding occurred right there at the table, so let's just say that most of my childhood memories are tasty ones.

I believe in the magical power of dining together. If you visit someone's home in India, you can't leave unless you've eaten their food. I can promise you the same once you've entered  3Nutmegs, which is my home in Parnell.